Quite 5 Minutes 6 Healthy Habits Do It


Healthy sport photoWhenever talking about healthy habits, I think we would imagine exhausting activity, bad food, and so forth. Whereas a healthier lifestyle does not mean to suffer. It’s just that there are some changes you can do.

You should know, just a little change is already able to provide a better life balance. Especially if you regularly do.
Here, there are six healthy habits that you can do in just five minutes:

1. Fruit for breakfast

Some people argued not have time for breakfast. They prefer to drink coffee, donuts or go long on an empty stomach.

Unfortunately, it was not enough. The drink was most lasted less than half an hour. So you will starve and feel dizzy. The only solution is the fruit breakfast.

The fruit is rich in nutrients, vitamins and fiber that can meet your nutritional needs in the morning. Choose fruits such as apples, pears, grapes every morning.

2. Think positive

When we wake up in the morning, make sure the first thing you do is think positive. At least, grateful for the life that you will live will build a positive mood to move.

3. Stretching

Sit in a chair and do some stretching pose. Starting from the rotating head slowly, then rotate shoulders forward and backward. After that you can also rotate the ankle until you feel relaxed.

4. Make yourself happy

You can buy something that makes you happy, such as books, clothes or just listening to music. Buy also ice cream or coffee at a favorite place.

5. Honest

One healthy habits that can be practiced are truthful. In addition to building a positive energy honestly can also be an impact on mental health.

6. Warm bath

Did you know, a warm bath can eliminate toxins, stretch the muscles and blood circulation after activity

a day. So, from now on, let’s make healthy habits.

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