I Needed to Find Someone Who Would Help My Back Problems

I had to find out if there was a San Francisco chiropractor who would be just as good as the one I had used for years back in my hometown. I had chronic back issues, and the only thing that really kept them at bay is the guy that I saw regularly in the city where I had lived for many years. Without him, I think that I would have needed to go on long-term disability long ago. He saw to it that I was able to continue to function well in life like anyone else. I ended up moving to San Fracisco because both of my senior parents lived there, and they needed someone close by to check on them regularly.

Moving to California was a big deal for me as someone who lived in sort of a rugged and mountainous type of small town for many years. I had just retired when my parents began talking to me about moving out to where they were. We also discussed them moving to where I was, but they had lived there many years earlier, and we both knew there aren’t a lot of things going on there. My parents have been retired for two decades, so they like to spend their time doing a lot of cultural things, and those are not offered in abundance in the town they left so many years before. The best option was to move to be with them.

My mother had talked to a bunch of her friends before I arrived about who the best chiropractors are. She had a list of them ready for me soon after I arrived. I did my own research on the ones she provided me, and chose one who had been doing business in the area for 20 years. His clients say glowing things about him, so I knew he would be the perfect pick for me, too.