Getting My Posture Fixed Has Fixed My Back Problems

My back has bothered me for years. I have lower back pain, but my upper back is where the big trouble is at. Over the years, I have slouched forward to compensate for the discomfort. This has caused more discomfort. I have told doctors that my digestion is messed up when my back hurts, and it gets better when it does not hurt. I told a Doctor of Osteopathy (DO), that is the same as an MD, they just have some extra training, about my digestion and shoulder pain. He told me to go ahead and try a Cumming chiropractor, because his, the DO’s, training indicates that digestion and that pain at the the area of my scapula were associated. So, he was not surprised that when my back acted up that my digestion was messed up.

The chiropractor told me that my posture was awful. Both him and my regular doctor told me that my posture was going to end up causing me a lot of trouble later on. It already was causing me trouble. My neck hurt, and I would get tingling in my ear and on the side of my face when my neck and shoulder slumped forward. Doppler scans said my carotid artery flow was normal, so it was most likely nerve involvement due to my awful posture. I was putting pressure on all kinds of nerves from the cervical area all the way down to the lumbar area of my back. I needed to get my back into alignment to feel better overall.

The only way to get it done was to have adjustments to ease the pressure on the nerves, and to do exercises to strengthen and straighten out my posture. It took a lot of painful rehabilitation, but I now feel stronger and better. It is amazing how far you can go to get better once you set your mind to it.