I Got Hurt Playing Ball

It was just another Saturday game in the church league, although it was the two best teams in the league and I was up against a guy who is really a lot bigger than I am. I think this guy must be about two hundred and forty pounds and he is not fat at all. He is about six foot five and built like an NFL linebacker, so I really had my hands full. At the end of the day I had to start looking for a chiropractor in phoenix. I do not know exactly when it happened, but me and this guy were basically in full on combat. At the end of the game we had a good lead, because both of our scorers were really hot. I had to call time out and just lay down on the sidelines by the bench. This was not good for us, since we did not have anyone else who could fight a guy that size and they almost caught up at the end.

I immediately began to alternate heating pads and ice packs, but the next morning I realized that I was in trouble. It took me a long time to get up out of the bed because my back had really stiffened up. I had to call the office and tell them that I was going to be delayed the next day which was the start of the work week. I had already figured out what seemed like the best chiropractor to go see and then I had to try to talk them into seeing me as soon as was possible. After a lot of begging I managed to get them to see me at around noon that Monday. It was very nervous, since things can go wrong when you start doing this sort of thing.