I Wanted to Look My Age Again

I was so tired of looking tired. I was tired of being asked if I wanted the senior discount, when I was not even of age for it yet! Granted, I had been under a lot of stress for a lot of my life and it had taken its toll on me, but those are still not words that a woman wants to hear. I decided that I wanted to see about getting something done so I could actually start looking my age instead of much older. That is how I found myself at www.balconesdermatology.com, the website for an Austin dermatologist.

I started reading about injectable fillers, which sounded like exactly what I needed. I was able to read a great deal of info about the process on his website, but I still wanted to schedule a consultation to see if that was the best option for me. I did not have to wait long for an appointment, and I was told of different options that I could do. He seemed to think that the injectable fillers were my best bet, so that is naturally what I went with.

I had been hoping that these fillers were going to be what he wanted to do, because I had read on his online site that the results can be noticed almost immediately. I knew that it would not be 100 percent immediate, but even seeing a slight increase back to my actual age would be amazing to see. What he told me as he was prepping me for them at my next visit was that these fillers could also act as a stimulant for the collagen that my own body produces, which also helps to create that younger look. I have to say I really like what I have seen with it, and I am no longer asked if I want the senior discount!