Obtaining Medical Marijuana in New York Has Now Become Easier

Many people are unaware that the state of New York now allows medical marijuana for the use of any condition that allows treatment with an opioid. To obtain the marijuana, the person must present a patient certification from a registered practitioner. Patients who struggle with severe pain that isn’t chronic will find they benefit from this emergency regulation that was enacted in July of 2018. Opioid use disorder falls into the category also, which the state decided to add to the list of qualifying conditions in June of 2018.

Why This Change?

The New York State Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker stated this change was enacted because research has demonstrated medical marijuana is effective for the treatment of pain and likewise reduces the chances of a person becoming addicted to opioids. Medical professionals now have more options, which is of great importance in beating the opioid epidemic that has already killed countless numbers of users. Under current law, 12 conditions qualify for medical marijuana use, including cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and epilepsy.

The Benefits

While the emergency regulation is only a temporary measure, the state is working to make it permanent. Steps have already been taken to do so. However, until it does become permanent, patients who have obtained this certification from their medical professional, as well as designated caregivers for these individuals, may print a temporary registry ID card. With this card, the person will be able to obtain medical marijuana products. He or she simply needs to show the card along with an ID issued by the government when making the purchase. The products do need to be purchased through the dispensing facility of a registered organization.

No Waiting Period

Patients find the ability to print this temporary card will be of great benefit to them. There is no longer a need to wait seven to ten days for a registry identification card to arrive. Furthermore, the state continues to look for ways to improve the program for all and has authorized additional organizations to manufacture and dispense this product.

Prior to this enhancement to the Medical Marijuana Data Management System, it could take seven to ten days for patients and their caregivers to receive their registry identification cards after their registration is approved. Home delivery is now allowed and physician assistants and nurse practitioners now have the ability to certify patients also. For more information, see here.