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Points Raised By the Petitioners of End Daylight Saving Time

Research shows that about 70% of the population in areas using daylight saving time is pushing for its end. The arguments made say that the disadvantages of the system are more than the advantages. Hence, why they are supporting the petition to end the daylight saving time. To know whether this system is good or bad you should seek more information about it. Here are the arguments made to stop daylight saving time.

Studies shows that energy consumption is not affected by the use of the daylight saving time hence why many people support the petition to end the system. To utilize the sunlight energy was the idea behind the use of the daylight saving time. However, currently, many economies in the world are operating for 24/7. Thus, people will require artificial lighting when commuting and working at the night. Also, some electronic devices will need energy irrespective of the time of the day. Hence, it is right to stop the daylight saving time on the basis that it does not achieve the energy conservation objective.

Adverse effect on health is the other reason why many people are supporting the end daylight saving petition. Experts argue that the body has a normal sleeping pattern that is disrupted with the changing of clocks. Hence, insufficient sleep is a common problem in States using the daylight saving time system. The risk is that this issue may cause other major health problems. Also, lack of sleep increases the risk of accidents, which may result in injuries. Hence, the end daylight saving time petition seeks to overcome this problem.

The daylight saving time system is also blamed for hurting the economy. Low productivity levels is the one point raised by the end of the daylight saving time petition. Therefore, regions using this system will have low productive people. Therefore, why you should support the end daylight saving time petition. Hence, the end of this practice will help increase people’s productivity.

Concerns about road safety is the other reason to end the daylight saving time. The assumption of starting the daylight saving was to reduce driving during the night when it’s risky. Thus, mitigating the danger of the road accidents. Research shows that daylight saving time may have an opposite impact on road safety. Due to irregular sleeping patterns people are more likely to cause road accidents. Therefore, it is crucial to join the end daylight saving time petition.

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